Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand is excited to welcome Mike McRandle to lead its national team of Regional and Sector Advisors.

Mike’s successful career with Police started in 1989, culminating in his leading the South Island Commercial Vehicle Safety Team (CVST) of New Zealand Police and becoming a Vice President of the NZ Police Association, both positions he currently holds.

Mike has a passion for the heavy transport freight sector and he sees joining the industry peak body as the best way to make a positive difference. He will be known to many through his extensive work in our sector to date and rather than his move being one of the proverbial “gate-keeper to poacher”, Mike believes there is much more commonality between the goals of Police and transport operators, so this will be more a case of applying his skillset via a different set of levers.

“Mike’s experience, personal skills and extensive networks make him the ideal candidate to help lead us through the significant and wide range of changes that are coming our way. We’ve also got someone with excellent practical experience to be able to give operators general advice on compliance,” says Nick Leggett, CEO of Transporting New Zealand.

Mike became a mainlander in 2006 and he will continue to be based in Canterbury, bringing a wealth of leadership to Transporting New Zealand’s people already in the South Island. When not working, he enjoys sports, travel and family and friends.

Mike’s appointment closely follows that of lawyer Billy Clemens who started earlier this month. Nick says it is another demonstration of Transporting New Zealand building the diverse capability needed to address the challenges on the industry’s horizon – and shows members the benefits of a solid strategy coupled with delivering results.

Transporting New Zealand is looking forward to welcoming Mike McRandle from Monday 27 June and he will be engaging with industry operators shortly after that.

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