Working together makes everything easier

Collaboration in industry sectors can be hard work, but the payoffs are good for everyone.

Immigration changes may jeopardize economic growth

The Government's changes on immigration were unexpected and we're concerned they may put economic growth at risk.

Embracing the beauty of “AND”

Things are finally moving, and this will get the country moving.

Changes will have big impact on road transport industry

The Fast-Track Approvals Bill aims to ultimately deliver cheaper and quicker approvals under the Resource Management Act. Hopefully that…

Lack of consultation harming operators

Transporting New Zealand is calling for a more consultation, which is in everybody’s best interests. This especially applies with port…

The end of Road to Zero

Too often we tend to over-complicate things and there’s a risk that new strategies are simply more about marketing something differently…

Government Policy Statement a win for industry

Creating more travel options is going to be good for everyone.

Context matters with freight and figures

Detours, dollars and some bureaucratic common sense are all in a week’s work. But it also helps to have our eagle-eyed members being on to…

Farewell to a transport leader, and a salute to clever industry players

There’s a book out which shows just what a clever bunch of people are helping drive transport in NZ.

Good riddance to the Auckland regional fuel tax

The regional fuel tax is on the way out, providing some much-needed cost relief. But what will this mean for our roading network?