Petroleum Industry Transport Safety Forum

Purpose: “To promote safe, efficient and reliable movement of fuel by road throughout New Zealand.”

Current activity: Developing a national industry self-funding Terminal Safe Loading Programme including Stage 1: Driver Passport; Stage 2 Auditing of Safe Load Pass inspection. More information can be found in the Members’ area


  • Allied Petroleum
  • BP
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Linfox
  • McFall Fuel
  • MFI Engineering
  • Pacific Fuel Haul
  • Tanker Engineering
  • Tranzliquid
  • Z Energy

Chair: Gareth Pert, Tranzliquid

Key documents:

Emergency spill response

Safe Load Checklist

Safe Load Pass Sticker Order Form

Tanker Handover Checklist

Tank Wagon Vapour Vent and Rollover Testing Procedure

Useful information links:

Hazardous Substances Storing Petrol

Hazardous Substances Storing diesel

Approved Code of Practice: Flammable Liquids Road Tank Wagons

Tripod tank safety alert