We make ACC work for you! From only $9.90 + GST/week (33% saving!). You do transport – we do ACC.

91% of injuries in transport are sprains & strains according to ACC in 2021. The extra cost is 20% on average on top of your ACC levies per year for three years (yes, one claim will impact your levies for 3 years). For the cost of two coffees per week we can sort this for you. Check out our ACC Triage service – anywhere in NZ.

You get direct access to our national network of physios. You (or your worker) phone us, we book and manage – freeing up your time. You get direct access to our ACC expertise and we tell you the things that ACC doesn’t!

You do transport, we do ACC claims.

You also get access to our online Compliance Toolkit covering ACC Levies and Health & Safety. If that isn’t enough, you also get access to our online Safety Shop! We cover first aid kits, PPE, working at heights, signage, RAT kits, spill kits, etc.

Five easy steps…

  1. Sign up either monthly or annually
  2. We onboard you & set you up with some processes
  3. When a sprain / strain happens, phone us 0800 4 TRIAGE | 0800 4 874 243
  4. We pathway the claim into 1 of 4 streams – we book all physio appointments then and there… any where in NZ. We invoice you directly for the physio surcharges – one monthly invoice, nice and easy
  5. You receive physio reporting. At any point you can escalate to us and we get involved in a direct one-on-one management solution

Learn more and take advantage now!
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