The purpose of this Advisory is to update Advisory DK-21, RUC temporary discount announced by Transport Minister Michael Wood, released 23 March 2022.


Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency has updated its website with information here on how the road user charges (RUC) discount will be implemented

Here is a summary:

• If you buy a RUC licence between 21 April 2022 and 21 July 2022, you’ll be buying a licence at the reduced rate. You should only buy enough RUC for the distance you intend to travel during the discount period.

• If you already have a RUC licence that will cover you for that period, you can still take advantage of the discounted rates by buying a new licence from 21 April. When you buy your new licence, the system will automatically credit you for any unused distance. You will be credited back at the RUC rate you originally paid. You must use all of this credit when you buy your new licence.