The purpose of this Advisory is to update Advisory DK-24 RUC temporary discount purchase released 21 April 2022.


Budget 2022, entitled “Wellbeing Budget 2022 – A Secure Future” announced 19 May 2022 includes extending the road user charges (RUC) discount period that started on 21 April 2022, and was originally intended to be available until 21 July 2022, to now continue until mid-September 2022

The transport related initiatives of Budget 2022 include:

• an extension to the reduction of fuel excise introduced in March, by two months until mid-August 2022

• an extension of the road user charges (RUC) cuts introduced in April, until mid-September 2022, and

• an extension of half-price public transport fares introduced on April 1, until the end of August 2022.

We will update you with more information in due course.