Engineering New Zealand (Eng NZ) recently met with Waka Kotahi to discuss a service solution approach that was developed by Eng NZ and the Heavy Vehicle Engineers Group (HVE Group). Consequently, Waka Kotahi have approved the key messages below to be released to the wider industry. This advisory is simply to keep everyone on the same page.

One obvious concern is where Truck and Trailer Manufacturers Federation might fit in the overall picture of any new engineering services map. While the initiative discussed has merit, the engineering and certification services delivery map must reflect the participation of all players. In developing this change, it is critical that NZTA doesn’t go down the track of creating exclusivity arrangements that result in higher costs for end users. At present the delivery of engineering and certification oversight on vehicle repairs is resulting in many vehicles out of service for protracted periods From RTFs point of view the certification process would benefit from the Agency taking a more reasonable approach to what aspects of engineering certification justify comprehensive oversight.

Heavy Vehicle Specialist Certification – Future State

Key messages February 2021

· In August 2020 Waka Kotahi commissioned Engineering New Zealand to manage a project to develop a Solution Design report relating to the Heavy Vehicle Engineering sector.

· This was to help address the agency’s concerns with the sector – including those raised by the Heavy Vehicle Engineers Group, a technical group of Engineering New Zealand – and specifically to identify solutions that may help resolve these.

· The report provided analysis and solution design based around five specific projects, allocated by Waka Kotahi, relating to the Heavy Vehicle Engineer certification ecosystem.

· Engineering New Zealand worked intensively with Waka Kotahi and the HVE Group to develop the report.

· The range of solutions highlighted associated outcomes and benefits ranging from improving existing processes, to structural change, intended to reduce the sector’s long-standing challenges.

· The report recommends a comprehensive delivery solution.

· Engineering New Zealand submitted the Solution Design report to Waka Kotahi in December 2020.

• The agency is currently considering the report. This includes analysing the benefits associated with the recommended solutions, and rationalising the programme and funding, delivery and programming options so it can be progressed in ways which would ensure future sustainability and address some of the immediate issues facing the industry.