To clarify the rules limiting the carriage of overwidth loads on vehicle combinations and advise operators that Police CVST intend focussing on compliance in this area.


Overwidth loads can only be carried on standard motor vehicles or combinations. Standard vehicle combinations are those not exceeding 20 metres and do not include vehicle combinations operating on HPMV Overlength permits unless explicitly provided a variation by the Director of Waka Kotahi.

HPMV overlength permits do not permit any excess width.

On road compliance

We have been advised that Police (CVST) intend enforcing the provisions of HPMV permits and if width is exceeded then the vehicles are likely to be parked up until they comply (the same as any other VDAM offence detected).

Consideration will be given to finding a safe place to remedy the issue such as removing the load or making the load compliant. It may well be that the vehicle must be directed to a place where such load remediation can occur.

However, Police will make it clear that the vehicles will not be permitted to continue their journey to their destination apart from travelling to a safe place to make the load compliant.