Online farm-to-farm Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form
OPSPRI has announced the first release of MyOSPRI. MyOSPRI is a new online system that will over time bring together the National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) system, eASD and TBfree NZ, so that farmers can do all online transactions with OSPRI in one place.

From 30 June, a small number of farmers will be invited to sign-up and trial the new MyOSPRI system, that will allow them to create an online farm-to-farm Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form that they can download, print, or share with transporters and receiving farmers.

This change is only applicable to farm-to-farm ASDs so does not apply to ASDs to meat processors or sale yards. Transporters may already be receiving electronic ASDs from our existing eASD system for farm-to-meat processor and will continue to do so. As we roll out the new MyOSPRI system, we will phase out the current farm-to- meat processor eASD system as they’ll be managed all from MyOSPRI.

What if I receive an electronic farm-to-farm ASD?
From 30 June, transporters may find that they start to receive ASDs from the new MyOSPRI system to their email for farm-to-farm ASDs. There is no change to how the forms look, but a transporter will receive it via email instead of a paper copy, as will the receiving farmer. An ASD must be completed when moving animals between properties and sending animals to slaughter.

The team at OSPRI has been working with transporters to certify and upload correct email addresses into the new system to make sure receiving emails are accurate. If you haven’t been contacted by OSPRI about your email address and would like your contact details added, please get in touch with them at

More information on the new system and how it works can be found on the website –