Omicron inspection response: Update from Waka Kotahi 8th March 2022

In light of the impact on inspection services due to the prevalence of omicron in the community, Waka Kotahi has introduced additional information relating to vehicle inspection management, the details of which are available through the VIRM technical bulletin link(s) in the Agency information set out below.

Today’s VIRM amendments affect the in-service (WoF and CoF) VIRM and the entry VIRM.

Update to rechecks under the traffic light system

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has revised how rechecks can be managed, taking into account the disruptions caused by the Omicron outbreak. The recheck period can be extended if a site has to temporarily close due to COVID-19 to a maximum of 10 days.

As with previous recheck extensions, if a vehicle inspector is uncomfortable with the re-presented vehicle, they may add extra items to the recheck.

Temporary extended inspection activities

Additionally, Waka Kotahi has outlined temporary extended used light entry activities by delegation to vehicle inspectors. This is in addition to those already allowed for in-service inspections.

Full details on the recheck exemption and extended activities are outlined in the technical bulletins in the in-service and entry VIRMs.

VIRM: Entry certification COVID-19 technical bulletin
VIRM: In-service certification COVID-19 technical bulletin