Following extensive media coverage, we expect most employers would already be aware the minimum sick leave entitlement for employees has increased from 5 to 10 days per year from 24 July 2021. Employees will receive the extra five days at their next entitlement date.

Essential information clarifying the new provisions applicable for both employers and employees is available through the link below.

Sick leave increasing to 10 days are you ready for the change?

The link through to Employment New Zealand’s website provides an expansive explanation of the changes.

The explanation covers key things both employers and employees need to know, including:

• What is changing?
• When do employees get the 10 days per year sick leave?
• How do employers need to prepare for the change?
• How do employees need to prepare for the change?
• Know your sick leave rights and responsibilities
• Other upcoming changes to sick leave
• Related information