The Road Transport Forum (RTF) has recently had a number of queries about the use of electronically displayed permits. This advisory is issued to clear up the misinformation that’s circulating in the sector.

Firstly, electronic display of permits is allowed. CVST confirmed some months back allowing for the production of permits in a readable format and that includes on an electronic device.

The only caveat is that the device must be working and be produced forthwith to the officer so the permit can be read so that compliance can be established.

However, some very specific criteria have to be met as well and this expanded explanation came from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s permit management staff.

Permits can be saved on a device and need to be available when requested by enforcement.

The device must be able to be handed to the officer at the roadside as CVST do not want to be getting into vehicles.

The driver must be able to produce the correct permit that relates to the vehicle concerned and covers the weight being carried, ensuring the mass of any laden the vehicle is carrying is applicable to the correctly prescribed route.

CVST officers do not want to be shuffling through a menu of maps and permits.

Drivers cannot claim at a later date that the correct permit was on the device.

Emailed copies at the event, or after the event, are not acceptable.