The purpose of this Advisory is to inform you that the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority began taking applications for the next two rounds of the Low Emission Transport Fund (LETF) on 27 April 2022.

Details of the projects

Round 3 objectives: This round’s investment focus looks for projects that will meet specific objectives around technology, vehicles, and software and support.

• Technology

o Encourage innovation in approaches and technologies that can result in transport decarbonisation through, for example, smart charging and software to reduce or defer peak electricity demand, and optimisation of the use of low emission vehicles and other modes of transport, Mobility-as-a-Service applications.

o Provide charging infrastructure technology which demonstrates the ability of technology to address constrained infrastructure or power availability at charging locations of interest.

• Vehicles and vessels

o Demonstrate low emission vehicles or marine electric outboard motors meeting the specification with a new business case, demonstration opportunity in a new sector or use case, or address significant barriers in an organisation or sector.

o Demonstrate opportunities to consolidate the existing fleet of vehicles and provide innovative ways to transport people and goods.

• Software and support

o Provide software applications that will accelerate the transition of the fleet to zero emissions.

o Support the development of low emission transport maintenance, repair and other support services.

o Support the development of battery recycling and repurposing services.

Charging infrastructure technology is included in this round, where it is an integral part of a vehicle or technology project.

Recipients will be required to share knowledge, reporting and data with EECA as part of the Funding Agreement, which will outline how, when and with whom it will be shared.

More information about Round 3 is available here

Round 4 is for applications for public EV charging infrastructure projects. I envisage this area will be less likely to be of interest to transport operators however, for completeness I have included the following details on it.

The priority areas for public EV charging projects are: Kohatu, Springs Junction, Haast, Hari Hari, St Arnaud and Maniaiti/Benneydale.

More information about Round 4 is available here