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Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand

We are committed to keeping New Zealand’s supply of food and all goods moving quickly, efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively, no matter what happens, be it a natural disaster or a global pandemic.

Set up in 1997 as the Road Transport Forum New Zealand, we changed our name to Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand in September 2021 to better reflect our voice advocating for road freight transport businesses and the important contribution they make to New Zealand’s healthy economy.

We represent about 1,200 individual road freight transport companies, which operate about 14,000 heavy trucks delivering for New Zealand, as well as companies that provide services allied to road freight transport.

We lead and support the industry in key areas including:

  • attracting and retaining a sustainable workforce;
  • safety in the workplace and on the road;
  • compliance with laws, regulations and rules; and
  • good practice.

Our advocacy work across central and local government includes:

  • responding to government initiatives affecting the industry, including going through a process of submissions, meeting with government officials, and appearing before Parliamentary select committees; and
  • Telling our story, using an evidence-base, to ensure New Zealanders know the value of our contribution to the economy and to their everyday health, comfort and wellbeing.

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