Gareth Balfour is General Manager of CCS Logistics.
Gareth has been motivated to help reduce road accidents and injuries since 2011 when he gained an Advanced Drivers qualification in the UK from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. He went on to volunteer as a tutor to coach drivers on defensive driving techniques using the UK Police Foundation’s Roadcraft system.

He returned home in 2014, slotting into his new community by joining the local volunteer Fire Brigade. Being a volunteer fire fighter and emergency response driver, Gareth has first-hand experience of the benefits of giving back to the community, and the unfortunate consequences of road accidents.

With qualifications in Strategic Management and Leadership, and over 8 years’ experience working with New Zealand transport operators and professional drivers, Gareth believes that rewarding drivers who are committed to making our roads safer, and encouraging others to drive more safely, are essential to reducing road accidents and injuries.