Transporting New Zealand has applauded the decision of the Government to reinstate the Transport Support Package, which includes the discount to road user charges (RUC).

“On behalf of the transport industry and those who run diesel fuelled vehicles, it’s great that the Government have listened as this ongoing discount will provide real relief. The trucking industry is pleased the Government has recognised their massive contribution to New Zealand’s economy in these increasingly tough economic times,” said Nick Leggett, chief executive of Transporting New Zealand.

Transporting New Zealand has led calls in recent months for an extension of the entire package, including an online campaign to garner support from the public.

“We know inflation continues to roar. Not extending this scheme would have been inflationary at a time when we all need to be spending less. This decision is a direct way the Government can continue real and immediate relief to families and businesses. It’s great to see Chris Hipkins and Michael Wood responding to the real need out there.”

Transporting New Zealand has been quick to emphasise that the package cannot continue forever, but should be in place as long as inflation stays above 6 per cent.

“The discount should be reduced slowly to avoid shocks. Trucks carry 93 per cent of freight and the industry is the semi-conductor of the New Zealand economy, so this decision means that everything a truck carries will have some transport price relief for a period to come. That will assist all Kiwis.”

Transporting New Zealand last year released a survey of hundreds of road transport operators which found that almost 90 per cent said that cost increases were having a serious or very serious impact on their businesses.

For more information contact:

Nick Leggett, CEO, Transporting New Zealand

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