This Advisory updates operators on what the Government announced on 6 September regarding mandatory testing of essential workers crossing the Auckland borders.


Our key recommendation is that if operators anticipate their workers will be crossing the borders late next week, then arrange testing so you can meet the requirement from 11.59pm on Thursday 16 September that the worker can show a test has been completed within seven days of crossing. There may be risk of delay if you are limiting your testing only to saliva testing and you should also be aware that completing saliva testing actually requires two tests to be completed within a minimum of two days, within the seven days.

There are three pdf files attached prepared by the Ministry of Health that explain the testing framework and requirements.

• Employer
• Worker
o Drivers should always ensure they have evidence of completing a test, if they have not received it by text they should ask the test facility to provide it
o It is also helpful if drivers know their NHI number.
• Test options

These are other websites you may find useful:

• Nasal swab testing: https://www.healthpoint.co.nz/covid-19/.
• Saliva testing registration: https://covid19salivatesting.co.nz/

Other points of interest

• Government intend to spot check employers to ensure they are complying with the Public Health Order No 11.
• Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Health are looking at linking this testing regime to the Business Travel Register (MBIE) documents, but aren’t there yet.
• If stopped at the border Police’s interest will primarily be the evidence of a COVID19 test and not doing a full vehicle check however, it there is some other safety issue, then they will look into that.
• If test evidence is not provided on request at border control, then the truck will be turned around. Please talk to your drivers about what to do in this instance.

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