This is an update of the Advisory I sent yesterday, 1 September, DK-07 “Northern borders expected” and includes information we received from Te Manatū Waka Ministry of Transport this afternoon.


The intent to deploy border controls at the northern boundary when Northland changes to Alert Level 3, at 11.59pm tonight, Thursday 2 September, remains on track. The points below regard documentation over the transition period.

• The northern boundary will be added to the MBIE Business Travel Register today.
• The current documents will still scan as valid, but will only have the Auckland/Waikato boundary written on them. Workers are recommended to carry supporting evidence if they are crossing the Northland boundary.
• Businesses with existing requests that have received Business Travel Documents (BTDs) can go back into their original requests and update them by adding the new boundary. New BTDs will be issued by the system to the business to distribute to workers.
• For those who have not yet had the chance to collect their new BTD they can use a delivery docket, work order, and employer letter – BTDs are just one form of acceptable evidence.

The remainder information below repeats the content sent in yesterday’s Advisory.

Boundary road blocks

It is anticipated Police (and/or NZ Army) will operate the road blocks at the locations

Northern Boundary
• SH1 Te Hana – just north of Mangawhai Rd intersection
• Ryan Rd intersection with Mangawhai Rd (on Ryan Rd)
• Cames Rd intersection with Mangawhai Rd (on Cames Rd)
• Mangawhai Rd intersection with Coal Hill Rd (on Mangawhai Rd)
• Black Swamp Rd – just east of Rako Dr (on Black Swamp Rd)

Where they can do so safely, Police will establish a dedicated truck lane to wave trucks through. On occasion, they may stop trucks to check the driver’s travel documents.

Evidence is required for travel across Alert Level boundaries

Transport operators doing business between Level 3 and Level 4 will need documents to ensure both the passage of trucks and truck drivers, and of their essential workers who may live either side of the road blocks. Everyone will need to carry identification and proof of their travel purpose, even as they move around an area with one alert level.

We have attached a MS Word document that can be used as evidence for travel and, if not done already, we recommend operators register with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Business Travel Register and obtain the official Business Travel Document through MBIE.

The registration process is open on MBIE’s website here.

Initial feedback is that it is easy to register, and you get the documents straight away.