Transmission Gully (TG) motorway, north of Wellington, has now been open for almost two weeks.

Information from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency suggests that approximately 16% of all vehicles, light and heavy, are choosing to travel on SH59 (former SH1) compared to 84% on the new SH1 (TG). Whereas, for heavy vehicles, approximately 25% of heavy vehicles are choosing to travel on SH59 compared to 75% using TG.

We recognise that many trucks will still need to use SH59 to service areas off that route however, there are anecdotal reports that a number of trucks that could be using TG appear not to be, in particular logging trucks. We are keen to better understand this and any concerns that either drivers or operators have about TG.

We anticipate upcoming media comment on this and want to be prepared for that. Please engage with your drivers and encourage them to use Transmission Gully and give us feedback if there are barriers to using it so we can raise those issues with Waka Kotahi. We welcome you sending feedback to